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Terumo at CIRSE 2017

September 16 - 20

Join the Terumo scientific sessions

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Moderator: Dr Manzi 

Objective of the meeting

Dr. Manzi  (Abano Terme, Italy)

CLI – Where we are today

Dr. Manzi (Abano Terme, Italy)

CLI – Patient centric approach – Multi Disciplinary Team

Dr. Rashid (Manchester/UK)

Debate on endovascular intervention strategies – Case discussions

Dr. Palena (Abano Terme, Italy) / Dr. DeLoose (Dendermonde/Belgium)

Good access leads to good closure

Dr. Mueller-Huelsbeck (Flensburg/Germany)


Dr. Manzi (Abano Terme, Italy)

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Moderators: Prof. M. Peeters (Edegem, Belgium) and Dr. T. Jakobs (München, Germany)

The potential for SIRT to improve treatment for primary and secondary liver cancers

Prof. R. Sharma (London,United Kingdom)

Taking SIRT to the next level

Prof. M. G. E. H. Lam (Utrecht,The Netherlands)

From years of research to successful patient management

Prof. R. T. Hoffmann (Dresden,Germany)

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Prof. M. Peeters (Edegem, Belgium) 

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