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Our Infusion Products

Delivering patient comfort, Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions winged infusion sets are designed to administer intravenous formulations*. Our Surfloᵀᴹ Winged and Surfloᵀᴹ Winged Infusion Sets with Needle Protection (Surshield®) offer the precision and stability needed to safely deliver today’s most challenging therapeutics.

A leader in quality engineering and manufacturing for more than a century, Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions offers:

  • Tailored solutions and expert engineering
  • Winged Infusion sets with or without safety feature (Surshield®) available
  • Terumo’s T-Sharp™ tri-beveled lancet design for smooth penetrations**
  • Color-coded (ISO), interlocking wings to ensure stability and grip during venipuncture
  • Tubing and wings are not made with DEPH, no natural rubber latex components
  • Flexible tubing, resistant to kinking to encourage a consistent flow
  • Slightly angled wings (<3° rel. to cannula) for less pressure on the blood vessel when puncturing
  • Microbore tubing*** for a reduced dead space volume
  • Optional built-in filter to prevent foreign particles from being injected into the vein
  • High-throughput designs configured for efficient assembly and packaging
  • Robust inspection, quality-assured and controlled manufacture

* Winged Infusion Sets with Needle Protection (without a filter) can also be used to withdraw fluids from the vascular system after venipuncture.

** Comparative Hypodermic Needle Sharpness Among Major Brands, 2009.

*** Microbore tubing is only available for specific item codes (WL and FL item codes). All other item codes have a standard bore tubing.


Winged Infusion Set


Winged Infusion Set with Needle Protection

Our other products and services

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions has decades of experience collaborating with pharmaceutical companies from the earliest phases of drug development to the latest stages of product commercialization to optimize critical aspects of parenteral drug delivery. We have a complete portfolio of injection, infusion, and primary packaging solutions.


Our injection offering

An engineering and manufacturing quality leader for more than a century.

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Primary Packaging

Ready to Fill, Ready for Breakthroughs

Prefillable and engineered for compatibility with a broad range of therapeutics

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Let’s Find Your Best Solution

Innovation and creativity are central to Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions’ value proposition. Our expert teams lead the industry in developing and manufacturing advanced, high-performing infusion and injection technologies for all parenteral applications.

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