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Terumo at EANM 2019

October 12 - 16

Barcelona, Spain

Terumo Booth 51

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Chairs: Prof. Dr. M. Lam, Dr. C. Chiesa 

Speakers: Dr. C. Chiesa, Dr. A. Braat, Dr. G. Boni, Dr. I. Bargellini, Prof. Dr. M. Lam


Accurate personalised dosimetry is the future of SIRT – Dr C. Chiesa

How does QuiremSpheres® integrated with Quiremscout® and Q-SuiteTM help advance treatment planning and patient selection in SIRT? – Dr. I. Bargellini & Dr. G. Boni

Improving clinical outcomes for mNET patients using SIRT after PRRT - Dr. A. Braat

Investing in the future of SIRT - Prof. Dr. M. Lam

Open panel discussion

Session Summary and Close – Dr. C. Chiesa