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Terumo at LINC 2019

January 22 - 25

Leipzig, Germany

Terumo booth 19a

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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Torsello

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Prof. Dr. Piero Montorsi, Prof. Dr. Piotr Odrowąż-Pieniążek, Dr. Torsten Fuss


  • How the Roadsaver stent changed my practice in CAS - Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck

  • The impact of stent design and embolic protection on safety of CAS interventions - Prof. Dr. Piero Montorsi

  • My journey with Roadsaver through the last four years - Prof. Dr. Piotr Odrowąż-Pieniążek

  • Latest experience with dual layer stents in the lower limbs - Dr. Torsten Fuss

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