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Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe with Luer Lock


PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringe with Luer Lock

PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringes with Luer Lock offer
the quality and supply reliability needed to meet your parenteral delivery challenges.


Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringes with Luer Lock and Threaded Cap

Integrating an EN ISO 80369-7 compliant1 Luer Lock tip with a robust polymer syringe, PLAJEXTM solutions come nested and sterilized, ready for filling and finishing. Offering excellent strength and clarity, the syringe is made with Pharmaceutical Solution Division’s proprietary molding process and advanced materials.

Designed for all Luer applications, PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringes with Luer Lock offer the quality and supply reliability needed to meet parenteral delivery challenges and product commercialization goals. 

Patient comfort and quality 

  • Carefully crafted Luer Lock mechanism provides for a precise, secure connection according to EN ISO 80369-71
  • Advanced Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP) syringe provides excellent strength and clarity, and the syringe is silicone oil*-free, tungsten-free, and adhesive-free
  • Optional** integrated plunger stopper featuring Terumo's proprietary i-coating™** technology provides a consistent and predictable gliding force and lower interactions with proteins, PLAJEXTM solutions are ready for today’s advanced biologics1
* Not all PLAJEXTM items are silicone oil-free
** i-coatingTM is applicable only for silicone oil-free systems

Designed for world-wide compliance and global supply chains

  • Compatible with EN ISO 80369-7 compliant Female Luer devices
  • Syringes are steam sterilized, nested, and ready for filling and finishing in controlled environments
  • Proven track record of reliable supply assured by global operating company

General specifications

Specification Description
Syringe barrel materialCyclo Olefin Polymer (COP)
Syringe size

0.5 ml, 1 ml long, 2.25 ml

Reference to ISO 11040-6

Syringe barrel lubrication

Silicone Oil

Optional: 0.5 ml, 1 ml long silicone oil-free

Luer lock

Integrated Luer Lock tip

EN-ISO 80369-7 compliant

Twist-off tip cap

  • Rubber component
  • Rigid component

Chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR)


Flange shape

Cut flange

Reference to ISO 11040-6

Plunger stopper

Chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR)

Reference to ISO 11040-5

Optional: 0.5 ml, 1ml long i-coatingTM (silicone resin coating)


Barrel: 10 x 10 Nest/Tub format (100 syringes per tub)

Plunger stopper: Double Tyvek® bag

Optional: 0.5 ml, 1 ml long i-coating™ stopper in Rapid Transfer Port bag


Barrel: Autoclave (Steam)

Stopper: Autoclave (Steam)

Plunger rodPolypropylene
OptionalFinger grip extension (Backstop)

Global Solutions

PLAJEX™ Ready-to-Fill Polymer Syringes with Luer Lock are available to drug product manufacturers globally. For more information about product availability, specifications, and applicable standards, download our data sheet or contact your Terumo representative today.

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, reach out to your local Terumo Medical Care Solutions - Pharmaceutical Solutions Division contact for details. All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by TERUMO CORPORATION, its affiliates, or unrelated third parties.


Relevant product information
PLAJEX LL Leaflet_TMCS_2023


1 Data on file

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