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Winged Infusion Set


SurfloTM Winged Infusion Set

SurfloTM  Winged Infusion Sets with disposable infusion apparatus, are used for intravenous injection. 


More Confident, Comfortable Infusions

Integrating our advanced cannula technology with color-coded wings, SurfloTM Winged Infusion Sets include Terumo’s T-SharpTM technology.

SurfloTM Winged Infusion Sets offer the quality and supply reliability drug developers need to meet parenteral delivery challenges and product commercialization goals.

Design elements addressing patient comfort

  • Different wall technologies1 to match your unique and individual drug need, even for fluids with a higher viscosity 
  • Flexible tubing, resistant to kinking to encourage a consistent flow
  • Slightly angled wings (<3° rel. to cannula) for less pressure on the blood vessel when puncturing
  • Siliconization (lubricant treatment) on cannula 
  • Color-coded (ISO) wings

Engineered for automated manufacturing environments

  • High-throughput design configured for efficient packaging and assembly

Designed for world-wide compliance and global supply chains

  • Tubing and wings are not made with  DEPH, no natural rubber latex components
  • Sterility Assurance Level at least 10-6 (EN 556-1)
  • In compliance with applicable ISO standards and Pharmacopoeia
  • Proven track record of reliable supply assured by global operating company 

General specifications

​​SurfloTM  Winged Infusion Sets with disposable infusion apparatus, are used for intravenous injection. 

Specification Description
Needle PointT-SharpTM technology
CannulasTerumo thin wall stainless steel X5CrNi 18-10
Wing hubPolyvinyl chloride
containing color
masterbatch, not made with DEHP
AdapterPMMA (PolyMethylMetAcrylaat)
Adapter capPolypropylene
​Polyvinyl chloride not made with DEHP
Shipping carton500 pcs.
Sterilizationethylene oxide
(Sterility Assurance Level of at least 10-6)     
Shelf-life3 to 5 years*
*Contact our representatives for further information

Global Solutions

SurfloTM Winged Infusion Set solutions are available to drug product manufacturers globally. For more information about product availability, specifications, and applicable standards, download our data sheet or contact your Terumo representative today.

Please note that some products may not be available in all regions, reach out to your local Terumo Medical Care Solutions - Pharmaceutical Solutions Division contact for details. All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by TERUMO CORPORATION, its affiliates, or unrelated third parties.


Currently only thin and regular wall are available for our winged infusion sets portfolio. ​

Let’s Find Your Best Solution

Innovation and creativity are central to our Pharmaceutical Solutions Division value proposition. Our expert teams lead the industry in developing and manufacturing advanced, high-performing infusion and injection technologies for all parenteral applications.

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