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Terumo scientific programme at CIRSE 2015

Terumo scientific programme at CIRSE 2015


Sunday 27th September, 13:00 - 14:00
Auditorium 8
Chairperson: Prof. C. Setacci (Siena, Italy)

​How I pushed my boundaries in the treatment of...

  • ​Complex and difficult to access carotid lesions
    Prof. A. Cappelli (Siena, Italy)
  • ​​Multi Vessel lesions in lower limbs
    Dr. T. Fuss (Bern, Switzerland)
  • ​​Complex atherosclerotic popliteal artery disease
    Dr. I. Kralj (Rastatt, Germany)
  • ​​​Critical limb ischemia

    Dr. L.M. Palena (Abano Terme, Italy)

​Monday 28th September, 14:30 - 15:30
Auditorium 8
Chairperson: Prof. J. Bruix (Barcelona, Spain)

​HCC treatment algorithm: Selected topics

  • HCC-BCLC paradigm
    Prof. J. Bruix (Barcelona, Spain)
  • LifePearl Doxorubicin - First experiences and PK study
    Prof. K. Malagari (Athens, Greece)
  • Occlusafe potential applications in HCC treatment
    Prof. T. De Baere (Villejuif, France)
  • HCC ablation: RFA vs MWA
    Prof. J. Ricke, (Magdeburg, Germany)

​Tuesday 29th September, 13:00 - 14:00​
Auditorium 6
Chairperson: ​Prof. T. K. Helmberger, (Munich, Germany)

​From loco regional therapies in mCRC to recanalisation

  • ​Loco regional therapies in mCRC: ESMO Guidelines update
    Prof. D. Arnold (Freiburg, Germany)

  • LifePearl Irinotecan - Initial experience and CIRSE Registry
    Prof. T.K. Helmberger, (Munich, Germany)

  • ​Ablation in mCRC
    Dr. A. Kovacs (Bonn, Germany)

  • Recanalisation matters!
    Prof. J.P. Pelage (Caen, France)